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Ókeypis póstsending á pöntunum yfir 8.000,- kr!
Ókeypis póstsending á pöntunum yfir 8.000,- kr!

White Fox Full Charge (Rauður)

eftir Fox
1,000 kr

Strength:16.5 mg/g

An impressive snus with great taste! The White Fox Full Charge has a delicious spearmint flavour that brings both sweetness and a burning sensation under your lip giving you a fresh feel. This product has a unique mint flavour that makes it unlike any other mint product on the market. It reminds us a lot of mint chewing gum which is partly due to the gum base that has been used instead of tobacco!

This product consists of nicotine pouches which means they are tobacco free and can therefore be purchased within the EU! Each pouch has been wrapped in silky smooth portion fleece which gives another feel than the regular portion material used. The fleece allows for a better flavour release and therefore gives a better experience overall! The nicotine content weighs in at 16.5 mg/g making this a strong product.

GN Tobacco was founded back in 2004, which really isn’t that long ago, but they have already established great products that are being sold all over the world! All of their snus production takes place in a state of the art factory that is situated in Enköping, Sweden. They have a huge number of brands that are popular all over and have with White Fox now also entered the nicotine pouch category!