Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!
Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!

Prophet 60ML

eftir Prophet
5,000 kr

Prophet premium blends. 

Peach blue raspberry:

This awesome vape juice is a heady combination of fragrant summer peaches with all their lush juice, crushed with soft, syrupy blue raspberry for a delicious sweet, tangy blend!


An indulgent chewy vape juice flavor full of explosions of fruity goodness for a mouth-watering, sweet vape!

Delightful, gum with hints of fruity tangs for a great-tasting vape experience.  

Straw Melon:

This vape juice flavor brings all the juice with perfectly fresh strawberries blended with lush watermelon for a sweet vape vibe!

A thirst-quenching strawberry and watermelon all-day vape.  

Pineapple Fruit Blast (Alchemist) - 

is a tropical blend capturing the tangy notes and overtones of freshly sliced pineapple fruits, delivering a tart mouthpuckering flavor followed by a rush of sweetness. 

Fruity Bubblegum - will delight your palate with sweet Cotton Candy, Bubblegum and tart Citrus to create a unique and flavorful vape you'll adore. Prophet blends delectable Bubblegum Candy with bold Citrus notes to add sparkle to this fresh new e-juice flavor.

Watermelon Grape Twist - 

Summertime watermelons blended juicy vine ripe grapes. A twist that you will surely enjoy.


Cool melon