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Nasty Juice 60ML

eftir Nasty Juice
3,500 kr


Asap Grape - 

A delicious grape flavour, Nasty Juice Asap Grape is sweet and fruity without being too cold. In the Malay language, "asap" means smoke or vapour, so Asap Grape can be taken to mean grape vapour.

While some grape flavours can have a slightly acrid aftertaste, this e-juice has none of that. The bitterness of the grape is smoothened out by the sweetness of the berries. The combination of grape and berries is so perfectly blended into a delicious mixture which makes this e-liquid perfect for all-day vaping.

Stargazing - 

No line up of berries is complete without the ever popular blueberry flavoured e-liquid. A blend of high quality ingredients that will take you stargazing with every puff. Try them out today!

Sicko Blue - 

The Nasty Juice berry series is now here! Sicko Blue is a blend of fresh Raspberries, with hints of a unique mix of berries to give it a refreshing and satisfying flavour with every puff. Get yours today.