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Ókeypis póstsending á pöntunum yfir 8.000,- kr!
Ókeypis póstsending á pöntunum yfir 8.000,- kr!

Lyft Lime Slim

eftir Lyft
1,000 kr


Lyft Lime Slim All White is surprisingly fruity and of course, also, slightly tart as that is the nature of lime. Some sweetness can be detected too which just makes this product truly delicious. The flavour reminds us a lot of its predecessor, Epok Lime, but this time you will enjoy its tasty flavour without the possible downsides of tobacco, as this snus contains none!

This snus is a product of many years of innovation, hard work and great entrepreneurial skills. Who thought a snus would ever exist without the presence of tobacco? Well here it is, 100% tobacco free and is instead containing fibers from Swedish pine and eucalyptus. All of this is portioned into slim white bags for a custom made feel and prolonged flavour release. The snus doesn't drip and of course, since the portions are completely white, the is no staining on your teeth.