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Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8.000kr!
Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8.000kr!

Aspire Mini Gusto Pod 2ML

eftir Gryfjan
2,400 kr

Prefilled Pods sem virka með Aspire Mini Gusto Vélinni þú getur fengið hana hér :

Pakkinn inniheldur þrjú pod með vökva


Frost - Icy menthol balanced by subtle sweet tones.

Pink Lemonade - Prepare to relish a hot summer day

Tobacco 555 - Sit back as 555’s nutty flavors weave over your tastebuds to create a masterful tapestry of tobacco.

                                            Lost Art Grape White:

A sweet white grape with a touch of candied apple and citrus undertones.

                                            Vampire Juice:

Pinkman - A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!

Heisenberg - A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that you wondering what it is and wanting more.

                                               Nasty Juice:

Cush Man - The flavor opens in the mouth and the underlying sweetness starts to emerge. The exhale is pure mango goodness.

Slow Blow - A delicious pineapple and lime soda flavor, with menthol.

                                            Zeuz Juice:

Dimpleberry - A complex mix of fruits, menthol and eucalyptus creates a bold and satisfying all day vape.

Dodoberry - Zeus's garden was a strange one as the trees bore a fruit like no other a perfect mix of four berry's so good he had to squeeze them and make this sweet juice.


Grape hard candy lemonade. It’s that flavor you’ve been looking for

                                                Dr Frost:

Grape Ice - Lose your head in the frozen grape tundra, sweet purple icicles.